Special Price For a Christmas Present Every Woman Would Like

Every woman would be delighted if in 2016 she could look amazing, without spending hours at the gym, having a face lift or half starving herself- especially in January when all we seem to want is comfort food! A Style and Coach gift voucher to a loved one or to yourself is the answer! Take […]

Are you ready to go grey?

Instagram is awash with pictures of younger women under 30 (#granny hair) copying the famous celebrities who have dared to go grey including Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga. Sarah Harris, fashion features director at British ‘Vogue’ wrote a stinging attack in the Daily Telegraph  on 30th July  on hairdresser Nicky Clarke who said […]

Are You Taking Your Opportunities?

  Here is my beautiful mother wearing her ‘wow’ colours at a family wedding at the age of nearly 90! If you’re lucky enough to have a mother still alive, like me, even at 91, I hope she has inspired you in some way, as mine has. Watching my mother, I’ve learnt never to give […]

How Can I Dress with Style and Flair at Work as I get Older?

Dressing Well at Work- At Any Age! My friend and career coach Sandra Green at  www.handbagsintheboardroom.com conducted a recent survey where, among other questions, she asked career women to express their concerns  regarding their image and dress at work.  Some of  her respondents were concerned about ‘how to dress professionally in an age appropriate way […]

New You: Colour In Your Life

How many of you suffer from the January and February blues?-  The hardest months in the Northern Hemisphere  to get through- UK,  Netherlands and American readers probably all agree.  Some of my blog readers are from Brazil- hello Brazilian friends- I will never forget my wonderful two years living in your beautiful country! Others are […]

A New You: Your Capsule Formal Working Wardrobe for 2015

As a Style and Image Consultant,I spend a lot of time helping clients increase their self confidence through enhancing their wardrobe choices. In work situations we need the right clothes,grooming and accessories to feel comfortable,be appropriate and send out the right signals. I always ask clients I style to provide three words that describe how […]