A New You: Your Capsule Formal Working Wardrobe for 2015

As a Style and Image Consultant,I spend a lot of time helping clients increase their self confidence through enhancing their wardrobe choices. In work situations we need the right clothes,grooming and accessories to feel comfortable,be appropriate and send out the right signals. I always ask clients I style to provide three words that describe how […]

Style Your Way To Confidence

 Style Your Way to Confidence There are many ways to feel confident in the workplace but the easiest one is to know that your image projects this. Since it takes about 20 seconds to form our first impressions of a person  based on their appearance, to be confident you are making the right impression, it […]

What’s your style?

One fashion  editor has picked this collection of lovely clothes for a suggested Spring wardrobe. My verdict? Most of these items would suit tall and straight shaped figures. What if you’re not made that way, or you were once but that was 20 or so years ago….? If  you’re blessed with a body that  resembles […]