Investment Dressing- Get the Most From Your Clothes

I’m all about getting the most out of investment purchases like an expensive coat and my top tip is this: if you’ve spent good money on an item in your wardrobe, make sure you wear it- and wear it! Otherwise, you won’t get cost value from it if it sits there in your wardrobe for’best’. […]

New You: Colour In Your Life

How many of you suffer from the January and February blues?-  The hardest months in the Northern Hemisphere  to get through- UK,  Netherlands and American readers probably all agree.  Some of my blog readers are from Brazil- hello Brazilian friends- I will never forget my wonderful two years living in your beautiful country! Others are […]

A Priceless Investment for the New Year: You!

I’d like to say a big thank you to all my clients and blog followers who have used Style and Coach this year. Many of you have said kind things about how I have helped to transform your image and boost your confidence. It’s great to work in a profession where I can have an […]

How to Shop the Sales

Many ‘January’ Sales have already begun and there are many bargains to be had. Be careful though. It’s not a bargain if it sits in your wardrobe feeding the moths. Here are my rules of thumb when shopping for clothes in the sales: It’s only a bargain if it fits, suits you and you can […]

Buffet Etiquette

  There are a few rules regarding good etiquette at the Christmas Party Buffet which can really enhance your image and reputation.These are taken from Gloria Starr,style and etiquette coach. Wash your hands before handling food Buffets move in one direction only. Do not cut in to the line, move past other people that are in […]