How to be More Happy

Be More Positive

Studies at Havard and the University of Pennsylvania show that optimistic people enjoy better physical health, recover from illness more quickly and suffer less from stress. Easier said than done at times but here are a few things I have found help put a positive spin on life:

  • Smile-an instant pick me up for you and others!
  • See your problems as challenges that could move you forward in life- as you look back on challenges from the past, notice what you learned from them.
  • Embrace change and learn new things from it- see the opportunities.
  • Face disappointments with courage and see the silver lining.
  • Strengthen relationships by having the courage to apologise when in the wrong.
  • Show gratitude- reach out  and look for opportunities to make others feel good.
  • Recognise that it’s not always circumstances but attitude that makes you feel happy.
  • Grab a calendar at the start of the week and plan the essentials: jobs you must do plus something you enjoy each day- follow the plan and not your mood and just DO IT!
  • Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • Keep a gratitude diary- note three things you’re grateful for each day.


  1. Interesting blog on ” How to make us more happy “. It really helps to have a positive attitude.

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