A Great Photo of You is Priceless

When was the last time you were photographed? If you’re anything like me, you dread the camera making you look older, wider or an unflattering version of yourself. On the
other hand, a great photo of yourself can boost your self esteem monumentally. Thanks to Mikaela Morgan www.mikaelamorgan.co.uk I now have a collection of fantastic photos of myself that give me a real boost to look at and am proud to show others. Over the age of 50-like me- why not?

In an age where we’re constantly looking in the social media mirror at ourselves and others, it’s never been more important to have at least a head and shoulders shot of ourselves – think social media platforms- especially if you, like me run a business.

Mikaela asked me to bring 6 different outfits with accessories , reflecting a variety of  moods, styles and textures which I e mailed to her in  in advance. I was really impressed at how Mikaela had used these to create a story board for the different shots she wanted to capture.

We even went outside for two of the outfits to take advantage of the beautiful rural setting that surrounds her studio- none of the usual urban High Street limitations here! With each outfit change, I had a real sense of being treated like a ‘princess’.

Mikeala is in a league of her own in delivering wonderful photographic results. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mikaela Morgan www.mikaelamorgan.co.uk  as your photographer and if are looking to treat yourself or someone else, this is a service you or they  will treasure for a lifetime.




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