Spring colours are in the shops now but do they suit you?

Pretty spring clothes are hitting the shops right now, heralding an early spring, if the chirping  birds and the early blooming  daffodils are to be believed!

 If the season’s tempting styles and colours  have you racing to the shops to buy the latest items to stock your wardrobe, then stop and think before you spend on items that will do just that. Sit in your wardrobe! We all make mistakes when it comes to buying colours that looks fab in the shop or on a model but when we start wearing them, we wonder why we never look and feel quite right and no one seems to compliment us, despite the price tag. Worse still, people comment on how tired we are looking! Research shows that 50% of the time, we choose colours that we look great in and 50% of the time we get it wrong.Why? Because we are heavily influenced by what’s in fashion, what our mothers/friends/partners think, what our friends/others around us are wearing and what we see in the media.

 Spring colours on clothing reflect the colours we see in our gardens in the spring : bright vivid greens, hyacinth blues, corals, daffodil yellow, yellowy purple etc. Spring neutral colours are beige, camel, tan, light brown, warm grey and clear navy.  The colours in this palette are bright and clear and have yellow undertones.  The trouble is, unless the undertone of our skin is yellow based and suited to bright, intense colours, we are always going to look, at worst, just plain wrong in these colours, at best,  ordinary and a bit washed out. We have to ramp up the make up and perfect the hair to look half decent.

One of the best investments women and men can make to same time and money on buying the wrong colours is to have their colours analysed. Once you know whether your skin tone is blue based or yellow based and whether you suit bright or muted colours, you will never look back! You will scan the shop rails in a fraction of the time, ruling out the worst colours and homing in on your fab ones, saving you time and money.You will never waste money on sale ‘bargains’ again.

A colour analysis session, with advice on and application of complementary coloured  make- up costs £99.99 (£75.00 without the make-up) to include a wallet containing your best colours to take away with you and advice on how to use it. It’s not complicated at all. During the session, I also advise on how to create fabulous skin and spend time discussing your  relationship to colour and how you can wear colours to create the right impact in all situations. Just about everyone can wear any colour but it’s about knowing the undertone, depth and intensity of each colour that is right for you. An expert style and image consultant, such as myself, is trained to analyse your hair, skin tone and eyes to determine the colours that are exactly right for you and once you understand what they are, it’s child’s play. See more information about these services here.

 Watch out for my next blog on how to choose the right styles for you.

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