How to be a Fabulous Mother of the Bride or Groom

Rio Jun-Sep 2012 087Spring is at long last in the air and the wedding  season is fast approaching! If you are going to be a mother of the bride or groom in the coming months, you will be keen to get your look just right. Here are my top professional tips to ensure you look and feel fantastic on that special day. These also include what I learnt from playing the part myself three times over in the last 5 years!


  • Plan your outfit in plenty of time. You may need alterations and you don’t want to feel stressed into rushing an impulse buy.
  • Shop at the specialist Mother of the Bride shops. In the South East, I strongly recommend Mary’s of Enfield marysofenfield for a wide selection of the best designs and styles, helpful service and a wonderful woman who will undertake expert alterations. She also made me a matching shawl for my outfit and suggested just the right fascinator to match.
  • In the North, try snootyfrox in Harrogate
  • Make an appointment and allow yourself plenty of time to try on. Be prepared for several shopping trips at a range of specialist shops before you make your final selection.
  • Know the best styles and colours that flatter you before you shop. Seek professional help if unsure.The investment in a Style and Image Consultant’s services, such as my own will pay huge dividends in saving you time and tears in the fitting room. I would be delighted to help here. Please take a look at my colour and style pages for more information and contact me if you would like a friendly chat to see how I can best support you.
  • Know your budget but be prepared for a shock. These outfits do not come cheap. If possible, you may be able to wear your outfit again but if not, take it to a dress agency or e bay while it’s still in fashion and you could recoup up to half the cost. Ensure shoes and bag can be used again and again. You can buy these at less expensive, non specialist stores. I bought an exact matching pair of shoes from Debenhams!
  • Take the bride with you where possible. You want her approval of your choice but you should hold out for what you feel most comfortable in and kindly explain your reasons.
  • Research outfits on line  before you go to the shops and get a feel for which designers you like. Ask the shop before hand if they stock these items and if they can get them in in your size prior to your visit but don’t feel compelled to buy anything  you don’t feel right in.
  • Plan your hair and make up in advance and take your hat along to the hairdressers for a rehearsal.
  • Take a professional  shopper with you if unsure of yourself in the shops. This is a special day where lots of eyes will be on you; you don’t want to get your look wrong and she will take all the stress out of the shopping, including the research before hand. I would be delighted to help you shop for your special  outfit by chatting to you on the phone to find out exactly what you are looking for, then researching and ordering in the outfits that we both think will be your best match- then, if you like, we can both hit the shops! Better still, take a look at my special Mother of the Bride/Groom Services and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Try to out-dress the bride! It’s unlikely you will do this but it’s not a good idea to wear plain white or ivory. Remember, it’s the bride’s day but you are a vital part of that.
  • Feel you have to have a different outfit for the evening do. This is optional of course but given the steep cost of your day outfit, why not wear it the full day and evening to enjoy the benefit? Many evening guests will not have seen you in it during the day. You can always remove the jacket, add a sparkly pair of heels or wear your hair differently for an evening effect.
  • Forget to find out what the other mother is wearing. As soon as you choose your outfit, be sure to let her know your choice so you are not wearing the same!
  • Forget the importance of coordinating accessories such as shoes, hat and bag. Take your outfit along when choosing these. A fascinator will act as an easier to wear and less expensive hat but will still look the part- try hatsnstuff, for a website with a lot of choice.
  • Feel obliged to be suited and booted. Many mothers of the bride/groom will want to be but if your style is more floaty and free, choose a dress with shawl or jacket or on its own rather than a suit but ensure it still looks the part and is chosen from a specialist shop; you don’t want to be dressed in the same outfit as  one of the guests. I went for a fifties style dress in the photo above from Suzy Hamilton in Harrogate
  • Allow nerves to spoil the day. When you are confident in your look, you should be able to relax and enjoy all the compliments that are sure to come your way.




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