What’s your style?

One fashion  editor has picked this collection of lovely clothes for a suggested Spring wardrobe.

My verdict? Most of these items would suit tall and straight shaped figures. What if you’re not made that way, or you were once but that was 20 or so years ago….? If  you’re blessed with a body that  resembles more of a pear, inverted triangle or an apple than a column, you need to know the styles, fabrics, patterns  and accessories that will suit you best. Once you’ve got this and you know your best colours, shopping is a breeze. You can waltz into shops- do a quick scan of the rails – checking out colour, then style, then size and either do an about turn and move on to the next shop or home in on a rail that’s just right for you. Better still, you’ve been told by a professional Image Consultant which shops to go to to find the colours and styles that are perfect for you.  You can save on the clock and the purse forever more!

The other day I took a  new client personal shopping. After a week of wearing the new clothes , she sent me this text:

‘We must be doing something right, Catherine, as tonight I had loads of compliments! People asking me had I done something different? The priest at Church said I looked beautiful . I haven’t had a compliment like that from a man in years, even a priest!’

 Angela,  Leicester 

This made me feel fantastic. My client had taken on board the style, colour and make up advice I passed on, as well as started to wear clothes that really suited her. The result? Her confidence rocketed.

A two and a half hour colour analysis and style session with me will ensure you know once and for all which colours, styles, fabrics and accessories are perfect for you. This session is on offer right now for £125.00. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

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