A Priceless Investment for the New Year: You!


Me at Rio Carnival  2013

I’d like to say a big thank you to all my clients and blog followers who have used Style and Coach this year. Many of you have said kind things about how I have helped to transform your image and boost your confidence. It’s great to work in a profession where I can have an impact on how women, in particular feel about themselves. Some of my friends are trained counsellors and do an amazing job helping women regain their confidence by helping them come to terms with their past.

I like to coach women to empower them to move forward in achieving their goals now and in the future, much faster than working alone.

I also style women to enable them to achieve a high level of self confidence by showing them how to choose the styles, brands and colours in clothing and make up that enhance their natural assets and diminish the parts they least like about themselves.

A New Year offers all of us a new beginning. It’s a time to shake off the mistakes and regrets of the past and go forward into the future with a real intent to build a better way of looking and feeling.A recent study suggests that when women neglect themselves and their own needs, in favour of running themselves ragged for others, the result is often burn out, depression and ultimately illness, often of a serious nature.

Every day, we face challenges, uncertainties and complexities that are often beyond our control and can leave us feeling ‘wrung out’, exhausted and despondent. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We  can  feel much better when we identify where we can make a difference and set to work with people and in places where we can have an influence, beginning  with ourselves. A busy mum can’t do much about the awful situation in Syria but she can work with her partner or alone to  prepare nutritious  meals for herself and family. A dedicated teacher can’t change much about the way teenagers are manipulated by the media but she can interact with them in a way that is life changing for her students and totally fulfilling for herself.

For many of us women, the hardest thing to do is to invest time in ourselves. Yet, when we do, we profoundly influence the way we feel about ourselves and the way others see us. Taking a little bit of time each day to meditate, read something positive, eat healthy food, do a few stretches and work on our appearance can make a huge difference to the way we look and feel. So can saying ‘no’ to other people’s excessive demands as well as learning to ask for help when we need it rather than trying to be superwoman.

I will be investing in myself this year by creating more time and energy for fitness and will be researching how to eat even more healthily in order to undertake a major three week cycling challenge this summer. I am also researching a fun holiday to celebrate my husband’s important birthday later this year. As for the here and now, I have already invested time into organising my wardrobe by getting rid of all those items that are outdated, unworn, don’t fit and give me no joy. I now have a neat, minimal but much more useful ‘capsule wardrobe’. When I open my wardrobe, I feel enthusiastic and confident about what’s in there and excited and clear about what I will be wearing each day to brighten up my winter.

Whatever you wish to achieve in 2015, including how you want to look, feel and influence others around you, I wish you every joy and success in achieving it and I hope I can help you on your journey. In spite of all that life may throw at you, I challenge you to invest in yourself this year and make it your finest and most fun year yet.


  1. Debra Wiljins says:

    Excellent advice. 2015 promises to be a year of change for me and your blog will enable me to go into it with confidence and assurety that I’ll at the very least – look the part

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