International Women’s Day Tribute to Women

Photo of me taken by Jeans and a white shirt makes a stylish but relaxed statement on casual days. Brighten up with a colourful bag and accessories. (Bag- a favourite find from United Colours of Benetton.)

It’s International Women’s Day and timely that in his budget speech today, the chancellor has  announced these investments to help women:

  • £20 million to tackle domestic violence and abuse
  • £5 million to celebrate 100 years of voting rights for women in 2018
  • £5 million to support people returning to work after long breaks ( many of whom will be women who have taken time off to care for children or family members).

I’m not wanting to make a political point here but I do feel grateful to women who’ve made themselves heard on these issues, sparking government action and to those enlightened women and men who will support and follow through on these initiatives and others that will benefit the lives of women- although we’ve still a long way to go.

These big things are great but let’s not forget the small every day stuff millions of women do for each other  that have nothing to do with marches, speeches or letters to M P’s.   This week, a friend on Facebook created a group of ex colleagues from over 15 years’ ago,  inviting each of us to send small surprise gifts to another ex colleague who lives thousands of miles away who is seriously ill.  Each woman she contacted sent something and I can only imagine the good it did both to the senders and to the woman receiving these gifts.

Let’s also remember the gifts we give to show love to ourselves- time, treats, breaks away, anything that makes you feel good about yourself. To help women show love to themselves or others this month, I have a special promotion- if one person books any of my services- personal shopping, wardrobe sort, colour and make up analysis and style consultation- another person goes half price on any of these services. There is no doubt about it, if a woman looks and feels good- she can cope so much better with all the other stuff  and I am passionate about helping women do just that! Offer ends 31st March 2017 but voucher is valid for 6 months.  

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