Investment Dressing- Get the Most From Your Clothes

I’m all about getting the most out of investment purchases like an expensive coat and my top tip is this: if you’ve spent good money on an item in your wardrobe, make sure you wear it- and wear it! Otherwise, you won’t get cost value from it if it sits there in your wardrobe for’best’. No one breaks the bank for a new bathroom or kitchen, then doesn’t use them for fear of spoiling. The same is true of clothes- get them worn before they go out of fashion- that’s about three years for most items. If you’re at home most of the time, then invest in the best jeans, tops and outdoor jackets/coat you can afford. If you work in an office, buy some quality  neutral coloured basic items in your colours like skirts, trousers and indoor jackets that can be mixed and matched with less expensive easily changed tops, dresses and cardigans. If a special occasion like a wedding or party is looming, try to buy something you can get more wear out of than just a one off. My rule of thumb is: before buying, ask yourself if this item can be worn with at least three other things already in your wardrobe- if not- reject it- it’s not part of your capsule wardrobe.

If your’re going to be Mother of the Bride, find a Dress Agency that will sell the item on for you afterwards, but do it quickly while the item is still in fashion as most will not accept it if it’s older than three years. I got good money for a mother of the bride outfit I sold to a dress agency in Hertford. I  knew I would never wear  the outfit again after my son’s wedding and it was just cluttering up my wardrobe. I have the pictures to show it looked good- I don’t need the item itself to remind me. Rio Jun-Sep 2012 088

To illustrate this, I’ve  decided to seek inspiration from a fellow Style and Image blogger and friend, Lizzie who writes a fantastic lifestyle blog and has given me permission to include her recent article on how she styled one fantastic coat 4 different ways. Check her out at

On Black Friday last year I treated myself to this gorgeous camel coat from Ted Baker – I’m so pleased I did  as I was going to wait for the New Year sales but this coat has not be in it!

Every visit to John Lewis, I would find myself back in the Ted Baker concession checking to see if this coat was still there! Ted Baker have this belted coat in a variety of colours, but for me having natural Autumn colourings I went for one of my own base colours – this guarantees it will work with most of my wardrobe.

For such a large investment you want to make sure you get your monies worth – I feel if you can wear an item in a number of different ways; then this is one step closer to getting great value for money.

Even Ted Baker online refer to it’s versatility: “There’s a million ways to wear this chic wool-blend coat. Crafted with a touch of cashmere for softness, the effortless style is offset with a button collar.”

So here are my four ways of wearing this one coat, but I’m sure over time I will be styling it many other ways too!

Going solo – no accessories, just how Ted Baker designed it. I love wearing it this way, because not everyday do you want to wear a scarf, with the high-collar I find this keeps me really warm!

Faux Fur Hat – I purchased this hat when I was at Little Kimble races last Easter for about £10 – I love it! Over Christmas I was in London on a freeeezzzing cold day and I wore this with my faux fur black coat, I was toasty.  I’m loving it with this coat, and with a city break coming up in the next week, this will be one of my looks for the day.

Faux Fur Collar – Fur trims are very much in this season, I purchased this faux fur collar from Esty, I was really pleased with the service and delivery as it was made and delivered from America.  Another one I will be packing in my case, as this will add some glam (as well as warmth) especially heading out in the evenings.

Colourful scarf – The easiest way to add some colour, is simply to add a scarf.  For me this bright red works with the base colour of my coat and highlights my face with warmth.  I purchased this scarf just before Christmas from H&M, I think it was as little as £7.99 – bargain!

So simple, and all very easy to mix and match!  You can purchase this coat from Ted Baker – NEVIA Belted wrap coat for £299

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