New Year-Organise Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Revamp

January is the best month for taking stock of what’s working in your life and what’s not, setting new goals and kicking bad habits. This includes sorting and organising your wardrobe and getting rid of items that no longer serve you.  Marie Kondo’s #1 best seller book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has inspired me to write my own professional wardrobe organiser tips. These guarantee a simple, uncluttered and joyfully organised wardrobe.

Step 1: Begin with the end in mind. If you want a wardrobe full of clothes that serve you and only ‘give you joy’ to quote Kondo, you need to be ruthless in getting rid of items.  If you’re sentimental about keeping clothes with an emotional attachment that have no current use, store them in your loft. It’s vital that your wardrobe and drawers only contain clothes and accessories that you use on a daily basis. Store ‘occasion clothes’ in a separate place- and there should only be a few of these; use the number 3 rule: don’t buy an item unless you will wear it on at least 3 different occasions, with 3 different  accessories, for the next 3 years and at least 30 times.

Step 2: Know the colours and styles that really suit you
and get rid of items that don’t flatter you. Organise clothes into imaginative possible outfits and take pictures on your phone/tablet to remind you. A professional stylist can help you see new combinations. Make a shopping list of any items you need to buy to complete your outfit combinations. A current scarf, for example, can instantly update and refresh an item that’s been around for a while but still looks good on you. If you have gained weight recently and plan to lose it, take a photo of the items you like but no longer fit and store in a separate place; only store your current fitting clothes in your drawers and wardrobe. Display the photos inside your wardrobe as an incentive to lose weight.

Step 3: Group clothes according to items– all jackets, skirts, dresses, tops, trousers, coats together. Hang each item separately on Velcro hangers from Primark. Organise drawers similarly using drawer separators from Ikea.  Hang jewellery on mug trees or jewellery stand. Have a shoe/boot/ handbag/ accessory -cull, evicting items you have not used in the last year. Store boots and shoes on ‘trees’ from Clarks to retain their shape and organise them on a neat shoe rack.

 Step 4: Stop buying ‘fast fashion’ i.e frequently buying ‘cheap and cheerful’ clothes that clutter up your wardrobe and often repeat on similar items. Instead, be a savvy shopper and buy fewer, higher quality items that make you look and feel expensive.personal shopper


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