New You: Colour In Your Life

How many of you suffer from the January and February blues?-  The hardest months in the Northern Hemisphere  to get through- UK,  Netherlands and American readers probably all agree.  Some of my blog readers are from Brazil- hello Brazilian friends- I will never forget my wonderful two years living in your beautiful country! Others are from Mexico, Peru,Saudi Arabia, Australia and other hot countries- hello to you all wherever you are- cold or hot and thank you so much for following me! As we relentlessly endure grey skies, scrape ice off windscreens and brave chilly winds in the Northern Hemisphere, we need to steal a little colour from what you in sunny lands faraway are wearing. Okay, I know your lightweight cottons and linens – a must to endure your blistering heat- would kill us if worn over here right now-but we can borrow a little of your cheerful, bright colours to inject some much needed  imaginary warmth and sunshine into our chilly lives here.

Last night, I gave a workshop presentation on colour analysis to a group of women and girls. One woman said she had little else in her wardrobe other than black and white- a sudden realisation that since having children, she had lost fashion confidence due to weight gain and lost herself in safe neutrals. Now she is ready for colour but wasn’t sure which ones to choose. Another said she wore colour to rev up her mood: if she wanted an uplift, she wore a yellow jumper- no matter what the weather. These fantastic women have got the idea! No matter what the weather, our weight or our level of confidence, we can all brighten our mood by vibing up what we wear.

Wearing colour and getting it right isn’t just about grabbing the brightest colour on the rail and going for it. Some colours will wash us out and others will look as though the colour is wearing us. It’s about taking the plunge this New Year and treating yourself to a well deserved professional colour analysis from an expert. After up to an hour and a half’s colour consultation in my studio or in your home, you will know exactly which colours make you look younger and more beautiful and how to choose the right shades of make up to complement your colours. I have analysed dozens of colours for women and some men and I always adore the reaction I get every time. One client, Lucy was in tears when she saw the effect of the ‘right’colours next to her complexion because it knocked years off and made her feel young again, ‘I wish I’d met you years ago, Catherine, I feel amazing, thank you so much’.

Colour analysis cannot be rushed. It takes time and a carefully trained expert eye to consider the exact effect of each specially selected colour drape against a client’s skin tone, eye and hair colour. If the natural hair colour has been changed, I’ll ask you to wear a turban during the analysis and in all cases, make up is removed but applied again in your beautiful newly discovered colours, if desired. Like a scientist examining specimens under a microscope, the colour analyst knows exactly what she is looking for and little by little, the diagnosis is arrived at and the client is thrilled to be shown a kaleidoscope of colours that look amazing next to her skin- even without make up and hair tucked away!  As a client of mine, James said,’ Catherine provides an unrushed service and she is to be highly recommended.’Another client, Debbie said,’I’ve never had anyone show such attention to detail on the right colours for me….Thank you Catherine -a day of great worth and such a heady experience.’

Better still, you take away a handbag size colour wallet reflecting all your ‘wow’ colours to use on your shopping trips and for re evaluating your wardrobe. Over time, the investment in colour analysis always pays dividends as it saves you time and money ! When shopping, you can scan the rails or the internet rapidly to home in on your colours and save money on items that won’t suit you. You’ll never waste money on so called ‘sale bargains’ you never wear again. Knowing your colours will allow you to build an exciting and practical capsule wardrobe that all works together to make packing a suitcase or grabbing a gorgeous outfit a breeze. No matter your age, body shape or mood, you can have total colour confidence and the glow it will give you by having your colours done this New Year. Just wait for the compliments to follow, like Angela who texted this after her analysis and style session,‘We must be doing something right, Catherine, as tonight I had loads of compliments! People asking me had I done something different?’

As a special offer to pick us all up in January and February, I am offering a free style analysis with any full colour consultation booked before the end of February 2015, to include make up application and colour wallet to take away. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. See my Colour Analysis page for details.

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