Wedding Event or Every Summer Wardrobe Needed?

Me wearing a Diva dress  holding an L.K. Bennet Jumpsuit

Me making an outfit out of a silk full length nightie (believe it or not!) and adding a sparkly bolero jacket from L K Bennett- a real investment item.

If you’ve got a wedding or other summer event coming soon, you’ll want to look your best. Here’s a few tips to get you ready without spending a fortune:

  • Think about your key events this Spring/Summer and your every day ones too. Could you recycle a favourite outfit by adding new shoes, shawl or accessories? Make a shopping list of what’s needed to complete an outfit or several and go to the shops with a plan.

    Diva Catwalk dress and waterfall jacket double up for work and special occasion wear.

  • When shopping for new outfits, ask these questions to get value for money: can I wear this for three different occasions? Can I change the look by adding accessories to make three different outfits? Will I wear it at least 30 times over a year ? The more the outfit costs, the more important these questions are. Better to spend most on outfits you can wear more than once or twice. Mother of the Bride outfits tend to be the exception. Move these on afterwards by selling on e bay or find a Dress Agency that will sell it for you for a cut.

    Hobbs Dress dresses up or down depending on how you accessorise.

  • Now’s the time to get into your wardrobe and put away your heavy winter clothes and shoes. Store them carefully in suitcases in the loft or under bed boxes if you’re not lucky enough to have a back up wardrobe away from your every day one.
  • Replace with your Spring/Summer clothes and shoes. Check clothes and discard or mend if you see signs of wear, outdated, no longer suits you/fits.  Move them on- be strict. If you never wore the item last summer, you won’t this year. Better to have fewer clothes you love and wear than a cluttered over stuffed wardrobe.
  • Accessories make all the difference- so do shoes. Flat pumps or courts for day wear and glam heels for night take an outfit from day to night in an i

    Glam shoe – from a selection in Amazon

    nstant by adding bling to complete the look.

    L K Bennett Dress can be worn for many different smart occasions.

    boutique dress- diva for all sorts of smart occasions


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