Workshop: Presence, Impact and Self Confidence

Presence, Impact and Self Confidence Presentation

This  full day or half day workshop provides a fun and interactive way to learn how to maximise your presence and impact in the work place and increase your self confidence by learning style and image tips from an expert. The impact of the choices we make over the way we present ourselves visually, through the colours and styles we wear, will be discussed in an objective way with optional professional advice on how to dress different body shapes in the most flattering and appropriate ways.  If desired, the workshop will also look at how to increase self confidence and personal well being by taking better care of ourselves and practising ways of becoming more assertive and manage stress. Etiquette for business success can also be addressed if required.

The workshop is suitable for all who want to increase their presence in the work place, have more self confidence and a greater sense of well being. Please contact me for an informal discussion of your requirements and I will do my utmost to design a course or short presentation to suit your needs. Separate talks on colour analysis can also be booked.

‘As a GP practice, we are very concerned with providing the best service that we can for our patients, within the constraints of the NHS. Our staff wish to be seen as professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Catherine Bruce spent an excellent afternoon with the reception and administration staff at our surgery. She gave a workshop presentation on Presence, Impact and Stress Management. The styling and colour advice was not only great fun, but extremely useful as were the stress management techniques. The staff came away uplifted, enthused, full of ideas and more self-aware. Thank you, Catherine, you made a difference! ‘  29/1/15

Desiree Warren, Partnership Manager Tilehurst Surgery    (

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Colour Profiling Presentation 

This fun and interactive presentation aims to show how the colours we wear influence our mood and the way other people respond to us. There is usually a demonstration of colour analysis  and make up on a volunteer or if  the group is very small, there may be an opportunity for all participants to have their colours analysed.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the colour presentation you gave to the young women last month, Catherine.  I found it very interesting, giving information about the relevance to colours in every day life, how we associate to them and how this relates to us as individuals.  Your demonstration on Karina with the colour swatches, evidenced how certain colours can actually brighten or dull someone’s facial features and is a clear visual way of determining what we suit and how we can look our best.  I found it exciting to learn that there is a particular set of colours (season) that suits our individual skin tone/colouring, which not only helps us to make the best of how we look, but also guides us with our future choices, making shopping so much easier.

As you are aware, your presentation left me with personal interest and I hope to book a consultation with you for myself.  I could tell the young women enjoyed your presentation by the questions they are asked and the interest they took.  They seemed to be ‘buzzing’ about it on the way home too.  I have noticed already that  Karina  has begun to wear and choose the colours from her season a lot more. ‘

Paula: Youth Leader, commenting on the Colour  Workshop Presentation I gave to a group of Young Women ages 12-18   
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