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Investment Dressing- Get the Most From Your Clothes

I’m all about getting the most out of investment purchases like an expensive coat and my top tip is this: if you’ve spent good money on an item in your wardrobe, make sure you wear it- and wear it! Otherwise, you won’t get cost value from it if it sits there in your wardrobe for’best’. […]

New You: Colour In Your Life

How many of you suffer from the January and February blues?-  The hardest months in the Northern Hemisphere  to get through- UK,  Netherlands and American readers probably all agree.  Some of my blog readers are from Brazil- hello Brazilian friends- I will never forget my wonderful two years living in your beautiful country! Others are […]

New Year, New You and your Business Casual Wardrobe

Business Casual Dress is the choice of companies and organisations that want their staff to be comfortable at work and still project a professional image. Human Resources departments often have a copy of their dress code, so ask if unsure. You never want to be in a situation I was in whilst teaching in a […]

A New You: Your Capsule Formal Working Wardrobe for 2015

As a Style and Image Consultant,I spend a lot of time helping clients increase their self confidence through enhancing their wardrobe choices. In work situations we need the right clothes,grooming and accessories to feel comfortable,be appropriate and send out the right signals. I always ask clients I style to provide three words that describe how […]