About Me




I am passionate about making a difference to the way people feel about themselves. There is no greater reward than to see people’s confidence soar after sessions with me. I come from a background in teaching and the thing I liked the most was bringing out the very best in people- staff as well as students. I also learnt that looking good at work brought much greater respect, credibility and self esteem. When I returned to work after a long career break to look after my children, I was terrified but managed to fool everyone into thinking I was much more confident than I really was  by reading up on what to wear and how to look professional and trying to act the part. Over time, I did become that confident, successful person.

It was a steep learning curve though and I made some wrong purchases along the way. It would have been a lot quicker had I had my colours and style done by a professional stylist! I must have got it right most of the time, though, as people often came to me for advice on what to wear and I knew that one day I would train as a Style and Image Consultant and turn a talent and a passion into a job.

In 2011 I left teaching to live in Brazil for a couple of years with my husband’s job. I taught English to teens as a volunteer in Rio’s toughest slum communities whilst living in Brazil- an opportunity to apply everything I’d learnt in British schools about getting the best from people by showing genuine interest and respect. It was so rewarding to be a part of a fund raising effort with a previous UK school to bring two of my Brazilian students back to Britain for a taste of life in the UK for a rare chance to make something of themselves and escape a life of poverty by learning English.

On another note,I was fascinated by the way the Brazilians embraced colour in their clothing and so I  brought my love of colour and style home with me in 2013 and trained as a Colour Analyst and Image Consultant. I love helping people to look and feel good about themselves by learning the colours that look amazing on them and the styles that make shopping for their body shape a breeze. My passion for helping  people in all aspects of life led me to train as a Life Coach at the same time and soon, my own Company- ‘Style and Coach’ was born. It’s been such an exciting journey that has taught me so much as well as helping others lead their best lives and develop an image that’s perfect for them.

Sometimes people are so overwhelmed by the difference they see in the mirror after a style and colour session, they become very emotional. They see a much younger and slimmer version of themselves- it’s such a privilege to see this transformation time and again! It’s the same joy you feel when you take someone personal shopping and you manage to help them track down an outfit or several outfits that are perfect for them. Suddenly, their faces light up and they’re glowing as they look in the mirror. It’s priceless to see the look on their faces. Helping people sort their wardrobes is a similar feeling. I try not to bully people into getting rid of clothes that aren’t serving them  but a little reasoning and gentle persuasion usually helps them make that decision and in a few hours they feel so much better about their wholes lives for doing some simple de-cluttering to achieve a streamlined working wardrobe that saves hours of time and tears in the morning.

In my spare time when I’m not working, I love all things to do with the outdoors, especially walking and cycling. If I’m lucky, I’ll hit the gym once or twice a week but give me a dance class any day over a treadmill! I love spending time with my 4 adult children and five grand children and with what little time is left, meeting up with friends or getting away from it all and relaxing on a beach somewhere warm with a book.

If you like the sound of me and think I can help you make whatever change you are looking for, whether it be getting to know your colours, styles, having help sorting your wardrobe or personal shopping or learning to put make up on properly in colours that suit you, please get in touch. I promise I’ll try my best to put you at ease and  fully understand what it is you  are trying to achieve. Then we can work together to make sure we make a wonderful  difference in your life.