Colour Analysis

Colour samplesDiscover your ‘wow’ colours that make you look amazing by skin, eyes and hair analysis and receive a handy pocket sized wallet containing samples of these colours and how to wear your correct colours for maximum impact.

This unrushed pampering session for men as well as women is the foundation to your knowledge of how to present yourself in the very best way. By the end of the session you will know whether your skin tone is ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ and how to complement your skin tone, eyes and hair colour by wearing colours that enhance, enliven and brighten your complexion. Wearing the right colours will knock years off you and give you a real confidence boost as the compliments start to flow. Rather than your clothes ‘ wearing you’, you will be guided to choose colours that create the ‘cameo effect’ where wearing the right colours close to your face will draw attention to your eyes, encouraging others to ‘look you in the eye’ as they address you, maximising your influence and appeal.

Make up is applied in your seasonal colours to achieve a subtle but classy look which will harmonise beautifully with your recommended colours.


‘This service  absolutely did live up to my expectations, very relaxing environment, you’re obviously very knowledgeable and made me feel very much at ease. Whole session was very informative – I learned a lot.
I have had colours at the  forefront of my mind and indeed swatches in my hand when shopping. Definitely encouraged me to be more “brave” in my colour choices. You provided a relaxing environment and  explained everything well  and made it so easy to understand.
Me: Would you recommend Styleandcoach to a friend?
> Absolutely!’              Sarah  Business Manager
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the colour presentation you gave to the young women last month, Catherine.  I found it very interesting, giving information about the relevance to colours in every day life, how we associate to them and how this relates to us as individuals.  Your demonstration on Karina with the colour swatches, evidenced how certain colours can actually brighten or dull someone’s facial features and is a clear visual way of determining what we suit and how we can look our best.  I found it exciting to learn that there is a particular set of colours (season) that suits our individual skin tone/colouring, which not only helps us to make the best of how we look, but also guides us with our future choices, making shopping so much easier.

As you are aware, your presentation left me with personal interest and I hope to book a consultation with you for myself.  I could tell the young women enjoyed your presentation by the questions they are asked and the interest they took.  They seemed to be ‘buzzing’ about it on the way home too.  I have noticed already that  Karina  has begun to wear and choose the colours from her season a lot more. ‘

Paula: Youth Leader  commenting on the Colour  Workshop Presentation I gave to a group of Young Women ages 12-18