Style consultant testimonials

'I had a fantastic day on Monday with Catherine Bruce who is a style coach. She took me on a personal shopping experience (a first for me) in the wonderful Harrogate. She was excellent – very patient, insightful and truly helpful in understanding what I should and should not be wearing. If you are interested in having your colours and body shape style and personal shopping I would highly recommend Catherine.'  

Sandra Green Careers Coach for women www.handbagsintheboardroom.com February 18, 2015

‘We must be doing something right, Catherine, as tonight I had loads of compliments! People asking me had I done something different? The priest at Church said I looked beautiful . I haven’t had a compliment like that from a man in years, even a priest!

Angela Leicester April 10, 2014

Just to say a massive thank you for all your time and patience the other day, I had a lovely experience. You'll be pleased to know my wardrobe is now re-organised and not inside out?! It was very beneficial as, bizarrely, I always feel I have nothing to wear, so it was great to have a fresh pair of eyes on the subject.

You'll be pleased to know I bought a grey eyeliner which looks really nice. I do feel more aware of what goes together and obviously the right coloured items to get in the future.  Thanks again it was very therapeutic.

Once again, thank you for your time I, would love to recommend you.

Ann Hertfordshire January 10, 2014

Just thought you'd like to know that I have heard little else but “ Catherine was my best present” from Ann in the last two weeks! She’s taken all the advice to heart, swapped the Van Hage coat and refused the temptation to buy “cheap” in the sales… I am literally sitting next to the colour swatch in our front room that now goes with her everywhere.

Darren Gift Purchase January 10, 2014

Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful help and guidance with organising my wardrobe. It really was an enjoyable and educational experience, can't wait for our shopping day!

Nora IT Executive January 3, 2014

I spent 4 hours with Catherine on personal shopping. I finished up with a wide range of well fitting clothes giving me a whole new modular wardrobe in my best colours. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount I spent- I expected to spend much more. I feel like I have been reinvented. She has a great eye for what will suit yet never forced her opinion on me. However, I have received most compliments on items that I was a little reticent to purchase. I'm glad I took her advice.

Paul Senior Executive January 3, 2014

Catherine is very lovely and honest and is a great woman to know and is brilliant at this!! 🙂

Amy Hertfordshire January 3, 2014

I’ve had lots of compliments on the colours I now wear and how flattering the clothes we bought on the personal shopping trip are. So thank you, you are a genius. I am a new woman with so much more confidence!

Liz St. Neotts January 3, 2014

Wow!  Had a fantastic time with Catherine Bruce, my personal stylist. I'm girlie enough to love shopping but first time with a personal shopper and what an experience!  The attention on me was quite heady, I've never had anyone show such attention to detail on the right colours for me, materials that suit my shape, how different styles enhance the right bits and detract from areas I'm less enamoured of.  Thank you Catherine a day of great worth and such a heady experience.

Debbie Business Owner January 3, 2014

From the first moment that we greeted Catherine at the door to her house until the end of our joint session we were both very impressed with how our evening went. We were offered various refreshments and chatted with Catherine before my wife had her consultation. I sat in on the consultation and vice versa and was able to see the work that goes into a consultation. Catherine has a very good eye for the colour seasons and talked us through what was happening but did not give anything away until she was sure of her decision having put the colours over both of us more than once. Her knowledge about skin tone and the role of the colours as well as other attributed information was very interesting and gave us a holistic view to the process. The make-up that Catherine put on my wife was light yet very effective as it picked up the hues of her skin as Catherine used seasonal make-up on her based on her colours. We chatted about clothes towards the end and how to accessorise with our current wardrobes to maximise the clothes we now have which are in our seasonal shades. Advice about where to shop for good lines of clothing was a great help and we enjoyed shopping that weekend with our colour charts. Catherine provides an unrushed service and she is to be highly recommended.

James Senior Teacher January 3, 2014

I wanted to say a big thank you  for last Friday (how quickly has this week gone!)

I felt thoroughly spoilt and it gave me such confidence to have you help me choose clothes (many of which I wouldn’t have even looked twice at!)  … it’s like a whole new world of clothes is now in my wardrobe and it feels great to have something to ‘throw on’ so easily – and still look and feel so good… I haven't taken anything back – and yet I have so many good bargains as almost everything was in the sale … brilliant!

Liz Simply Wellness Austria January 3, 2014

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