Wardrobe Styling

wardrobe4Let me help you to edit out your less flattering clothes and work the rest to create a fantastic ready-to-go capsule wardrobe for all occasions (ideal time: up to 4 -5 hours if combined with personal styling, depending on size of  your wardrobe).

 Everyone has clothes lurking in their wardrobes that no longer fit, are unflattering, outdated or moth eaten and just need clearing out. I help you make wise decisions about which clothes to keep and which to discard in order to achieve a workable, compact and navigable wardrobe that really works for you. A neat capsule wardrobe will evolve where all clothes harmonise together to make imaginative and interesting combinations that can be dressed up or down with accessories to suit the occasion.

People generally worry that their wardrobe will be embarrassing because it is in ‘state’! Most people feel like this and I promise you mine was the same before I learnt how to organise it as it now is: a capsule wardrobe, where everything works together and outfits can be chosen and put together at a moment’s  notice. My aim is to put you at ease while I help you do the same.

Wardrobe weed

Ultimately, you will save time and money and gain new found confidence from learning how to manage your wardrobe. Photos of your best items will be sent on to you.