Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s me in favourite jeans and white shirt uniform brightened up with a bag- don’t forget the importance of accessories! Photo @Mikealamorgan


Maybe you have questions  – here are a few common ones people ask when making the decision to come to me and the answers I give. If you have any other questions, do drop me an e mail or give me a call for a no obligation chat:

Q. An expensive service! Wouldn’t I be better spending money on new clothes/ makeup and accessories?

A. You’ll likely get it right 50% of the time when you shop without professional colour and style advice. That’s a 50% waste of money every time you shop. That’s a bit like a DIY approach to styling your house.

Q. There are cheaper stylists out there, what’s the difference in what you give?

A. If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys! My services reflect expert ongoing training and development, customer feedback, experience, beautiful surroundings and fantastic results. Style and Coach can transform your image which can transform your life. You can’t put a price on that!

Q. I’m embarrassed about my wardrobe- I can’t let a stranger see the state it’s in.

A. I’ve seen loads of messy, cluttered and disorganised wardrobes. I don’t make a judgement- I’m delighted to help you get it streamlined and sorted. Mine was once like this before I gained the professional knowledge I apply to my own and now I want to do the same for you.

Q. I would feel awkward and vulnerable having a style session. I wouldn’t want to remove my clothes.

A. You are never asked to remove your clothing during a style session but it’s useful to wear clothes for the session that show your shape so we can look at what will suit and flatter your unique figure, personality and lifestyle. I go out of my way to make you feel comfortable and respected.

Q. How does your styling service differ from most? What sets you apart from the competition?

A. The in depth knowledge and the time I spend to make sure the style advice is bespoke, practical and given in a way you can understand, apply and retain it. I include advice on textures, shapes, and styles of clothing that are perfect for you. Your ideas, feelings and input are always listened to and I suggest new ideas but I don’t force them on you. For example, if you hate wearing dresses, I don’t waste your time showing the ideal dress for you but I may ask you if you have considered a jumpsuit if I can see it will suit you. I also show you the best hairstyles, glasses, earrings and hats to suit your face shape. I can refer you to hairdressers and beauty therapists I know and trust. We also look at your best accessories. All this is written up in a report which will be e mailed to you after your style session to refer to when you are shopping. The whole experience is designed to build your confidence and equip you to be your own personal stylist.

Q. What difference will the colour analysis make?

A. A Colour Session with me will give you the in depth knowledge you need to make every day a great outfit day. That’s more than just knowing your seasonal palette of colours that suit you. You’ll be shown your complementary make up, advised on skin care and shown how to use your colours to create a capsule mix and match wardrobe. You’ll be given a take away wallet with all your wow colours and your neutrals and shown how to put them together to make great outfit choices.

Q. Are you trying to sell products during you colour or style sessions?

A. Absolutely not. I stock a range of scarves which you can buy if you want to quickly and cheaply introduce your best colours into your wardrobe but there is never pressure to buy because I am independent and don’t have to meet large Image Corporations’ sales targets unlike many Image Consultants. I can order the right make up for you but if you prefer to buy your own brands in the best colours for you, I put all these on a sheet for you to take to the beauty counter in a store of your choice and in your own time or if you want, on a personal shopping trip with me.

Q. Can I bring a friend with me?

A.  Certainly, they will help reinforce your new learning after the session. They may also want the services themselves and that would be my pleasure too.

Q. How can I trust you, it’s my money I’m parting with?

A. Please see my testimonials from past clients and watch my short video on my home page. Also, once you take the step to visit me or have me come to you, if you are not completely satisfied with any of my services and I cannot put it right to your satisfaction, you will be given a full , no quibble refund although this has never so far been the case. All my clients are 100% delighted with the services.

Q. What will make the most difference to giving me a fully transformed and confident image?

A. Being prepared to start with the colour and style sessions ( 3 hours of your time invested). Then having a wardrobe edit to show you how to get the most from your current wardrobe (Most people only wear 30% of what’s in their wardrobes!). Finally, the Personal Shopping Trip will put it all together to  show you exactly what your colours and styles look like on you and where and how to be your own personal shopper next time.

Q. I’ve heard you run Workshops and Deliver Presence and Impact Master-classes to groups and organisations, including Universities. Are you a confident presenter?

A. Yes, I have experience in this. My Masters In Education Degree from Cambridge University, a successful previous career in teaching and training along with my extensive Stylist training and experience have equipped me well to deliver confidently and intelligently to a variety of audiences.

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