Personal Styling

fashion-advice Learn the styles that are perfect for your body shape, scale and proportions including clothing, hairstyles, glasses and accessories. Allow 1-2 hours. 

This session is done in a friendly, non intimidating way where I put you  at your ease as I analyse your body shape, scale and proportions (fully dressed!) and discuss your style preferences to determine your ‘style brand’. I encourage you to consider three words that describe how you would like others to view you, such as ‘professional, stylish, quirky, approachable, having authority, funky etc. and show you how to develop your own personal style ‘brand’ to reflect these qualities.

No one has the ‘perfect body’. Even celebrities take professional advice on how to play up their best parts and disguise the not so good bits! When you understand which styles really suit your body, you will save time and money when shopping by being able to instantly spot the best designs to make you look amazing and ignore those that do nothing for you.  If you have had your colours analysed as well, you will be an even savvier shopper, saving yourself a fortune on costly mistakes and so called ‘sale bargains’ that hide forever at the back of your wardrobe. When shopping, you will shop like an expert, looking at colour first then style and lastly, size!

Woman-Looking-In-The-MirrorIn this session we will also look at your face shape, deciding the most flattering hairstyles and glasses to wear. Accessories to suit your scale will also be considered. We look at grooming and how to best present yourself, especially in the work place or going out. That tricky  but important question of what to wear on ‘dress down Fridays’ is also addressed, to inspire you with confidence to always get it right when choosing what to wear for which occasion.