Personal Shopping

personal-shopping-trainingLet me take you shopping and ease the strain by steering you to the styles and shops that are perfect for your purse, style and body shape (choose from a full day or half a day).

Lots of department stores now have personal shoppers, so why hire me?

Normally, we will have met in a styling session to determine your style personality, body shape, scale and proportions although this can be done in a concise way at the start of the shopping trip.

I will really listen to what you want out of the shopping trip and the clothes or accessories you are really after. We will have looked at your best colours as well and in most cases (but not all) have done a wardrobe style and noted the items you need to complete your capsule wardrobe. Or maybe you are after an occasion outfit for a wedding or a special dinner.  I will have done the research before hand to steer you to just the right shops to suit your style and budget. I can even check your size is available. I’ll also listen to your budget and plan to spend accordingly, never pressuring you to make a purchase you can’t afford or dislike.


Even better, I will take you to a range of shops, not just one department store, which I have specially selected knowing they will have clothes that suit your style, colours and personality. Plus, you won’t feel awkward if you try things on and decide not to buy. I don’t get paid commission on sales made and it’s fine by me if you spend ages trying clothes on then walk away. No problem – we go somewhere else and repeat the process if necessary. That’s what you pay me to do.  When you want a break, we’ll take one and I’ll do the running when you need a bigger / smaller size, a different colour, a jacket to match etc., while you stay in the comfort of the changing room.

I’ll never force my ideas on you although I will make suggestions and recommendations, pointing out why certain styles, colours and fabrics are better than others. I’ll also respect your privacy in the changing room. But throughout the whole experience, I aim to make it fun and enjoyable for you and take account of your preferences and tastes. Do try to open minded,though. Sometimes the best clothes are the ones you never considered but when you try them on, you could be amazed at how good you look.

‘I had a fantastic day on Monday with Catherine Bruce who is a style coach. She took me on a personal shopping experience (a first for me) in the wonderful Harrogate. She was excellent – very patient, insightful and truly helpful in understanding what I should and should not be wearing. If you are interested in having your colours and body shape style and personal shopping I would highly recommend Catherine.’  Sandra Green ,Careers Coach for women

Personal Shopping usually takes place in a centre of the client’s own choice.