Business Etiquette Training

It’s not enough to look good in the world of business- the smartest people who get hired  and rise to the top have mastered  Business Etiquette. This is not a stuffy, outdated way of behaving but an internationally accepted code for winning and showing respect for yourself and others in a Global World.


I offer a Half Day Interactive, Fun Business Etiquette For Success Workshop* which  teaches you:

  • Interview Skills- master  the correct handshake, body language, tone of voice and  interview answers to get you off to a flying start at interview.
  • Strategies to build instant rapport with strangers including the art of how to exchange business cards
  • How to successfully navigate the world of Formal Business Dining with ease, including handling place settings, table manners and  knowing the ‘right things’ to say at the Dinner Table.
  • How to be the perfect host or hostess at a formal Business Function.
  • *Especially suited to international students or business people wishing to master the skills of Global Etiquette.

The Impact and Presence for Business Success Half Day Workshop* empowers you to:

  • Get the job you want by learning the right level of dress  for your workplace, job and the job you want in future
  • Create you own Personal Brand  through your visual impact
  • Avoid the dress and grooming  mistakes that sabotage your career
  • Learn the psychology of colour to maximise your impact to suit your audience and situation
  • *Especially suited to anyone wishing to impress at interview and/or advance in their career or businesses. 

‘thank you for a  mesmerising workshop to our MBA students‘ Jane Howie  MBA coordinator  University of Leicester 

  • The Impact and Presence For Business Success and Business Etiquette workshops can be combined and tailored to meet demand.
  • Price on application.


Personal coaching in these skills is available Price on application . Phone 044 (0) 7793 749056  for further details.