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How Can I Dress with Style and Flair at Work as I get Older?

Dressing Well at Work- At Any Age! My friend and career coach Sandra Green at conducted a recent survey where, among other questions, she asked career women to express their concerns  regarding their image and dress at work.  Some of  her respondents were concerned about ‘how to dress professionally in an age appropriate way […]

Are You a Shopper or an Investor?

Have you ever made the mistake of buying an item of clothing that you never wear or don’t feel good in  because it looked good on the rail, you saw a model wearing it or it was a bargain? We’ve all done this at some point but today, I want to write about two of […]

Valentine’s Day Special Offer: Personal Shopping Half Price!

This Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself to one of these bargain beauties to go out in, then wear it again on Monday for work?  Make it work overtime for you. I’m  like most of you  when it comes to buying clothes: I want to bag the style that flatters me to bits at a […]