Are You a Shopper or an Investor?

Have you ever made the mistake of buying an item of clothing that you never wear or don’t feel good in  because it looked good on the rail, you saw a model wearing it or it was a bargain? We’ve all done this at some point but today, I want to write about two of my clients who will NEVER have to do this again. They realised the value of investing in themselves rather than just going out shopping.  First: Angela, my dear friend and client wrote this about the investment  she made in my services a year ago, noting the huge pay off in confidence:

“ It is a year since Catherine spent two days helping me to update my personal style and my wardrobe. This involved alerting me to “my” correct colours, giving me a styling session, going through my wardrobe and a personal shopping day to find clothes in the correct styles and colours. These two days were one of the best investments I have ever made! In the last year I have received so many compliments about how suitable my “new look” is for me! This has given my self-confidence a HUGE boost. When I go shopping for clothes now I am able to home in on the correct styles and colours for me! Thank you so much Catherine!”  Angela 

I also had the privilege of carrying out a colour, style and personal shopping day this week for a Career Coach friend of mine, Sandra Green. We had a wonderful day in Harrogate which resulted in Sandra going away very happily with an outfit that looked marvellous on her.But not only this. Sandra, like Angela and my other clients, were shown how to shop for the colours and styles that would suit their individual  shapes and colouring, saving time and money when going shopping on their own in future. These women invested in self knowledge rather than just spending money  on clothes aimlessly and the investment is paying dividends in saving them precious time and money, not to mention the boost to their self confidence. Sandra kindly wrote this on her blog post this week:

‘  I had a fantastic day on Monday with Catherine Bruce who is a style coach. She took me on a personal shopping experience (a first for me) in the wonderful Harrogate. She was excellent – very patient, insightful and truly helpful in understanding what I should and should not be wearing. If you are interested in having your colours and body shape style I would highly recommend Catherine.’ Sandra (

If  I had the privilege of taking you shopping with rachelpersonal shopping like Angela and Sandra; rather than just finding the right clothing to make you look amazing, I would take time to explain why the item suits you and what to look out for in future. This is always followed by a detailed style report which you can put on your phone to carry around with you the next time you go shopping, reminding you of what to look for and what to avoid.

Please leave a comment if you would like to know more about the service and look out for special Mother’s Day  offers from www.styleandcoach coming in March.


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