Archives for March 2015

How to be a Fabulous Mother of the Bride or Groom

Spring is at long last in the air and the wedding  season is fast approaching! If you are going to be a mother of the bride or groom in the coming months, you will be keen to get your look just right. Here are my top professional tips to ensure you look and feel fantastic […]

Are You Taking Your Opportunities?

  Here is my beautiful mother wearing her ‘wow’ colours at a family wedding at the age of nearly 90! If you’re lucky enough to have a mother still alive, like me, even at 91, I hope she has inspired you in some way, as mine has. Watching my mother, I’ve learnt never to give […]

Do Your Communication Skills Guarantee You Success?

I remember going back to work feeling terrified after a long career break to have a family. Over time, I built my confidence by studying communication and relationship skills, observing confident, successful women and learning how to present a well groomed and stylish professional image. These attributes helped me to build a successful and confident personal, […]