Colour In Your Life

Recently I went on a trip to The Gambia with the charity HELPING : www. Despite witnessing some terrible poverty whilst there, I noted how cheerful the people were despite the challenges they faced. With my stylist hat on, I noticed the beautiful coloured costumes the women wore were always very well tailored and figure flattering, not forgetting their obligatory matching headpiece. Even the cloth the mothers used to tie their babies to their backs was a  matched in accessory to the outfit.

In the Western world, we don’t use colour to full advantage. The dull greys, blacks and navies : the uniform of business are too often the safe and unadventurous bet and do little to project any life and vitality into the workplace, let alone lift the mood of the wearer.

Colour doesn’t need to be garish and dazzling to convey brightness and vitality. A colourful brooch, shirt colour, tie , scarf or necklace can inject life and vitality into uniform colours, as shown my my friend and fellow stylist Lizzie in the picture below ( find her on facebook- Loved By Lizzie).unnamed (2)

The daffodils are already unseasonably out in my garden in Hertfordshire, and their colourful presence in a  bland landscape lifts my spirits every time I look out of my window. Wearing  colourful clothes and make up to suit my skin and the occasion give me the same joyful lift.

Colour can say a lot about your personality and mood too and can send out powerful messages. Blue is very calming, yellow sunny and purple looks expensive- ask any  advertising company!

This week I came across  this  infographic “What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?”  . It’s well worth a look to see if you agree with their interesting theories on how your favourite colour matches up with your personality!

To give readers a special colour lift this Spring, I’m offering a half price colour analysis- to include make up- specially for Mother’s Day, Easter or just because you need a lift!!  Hurry,this fantastic and rare offer ends 31st March 2016.*

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