Dressing For Visibility, Presence and Impact at Work

The feminist, Sheryl Sandberg, in her book Lean In highlights the importance for women of making ourselves seen and heard in the workplace. Being ‘seen’ at work is as much about dressing significantly as it is about appearing in the right places. While there are no prizes for adopting inappropriate, attention seeking styles of dressing, […]

How to be a Fabulous Mother of the Bride or Groom

Spring is at long last in the air and the wedding  season is fast approaching! If you are going to be a mother of the bride or groom in the coming months, you will be keen to get your look just right. Here are my top professional tips to ensure you look and feel fantastic […]

How Can I Dress with Style and Flair at Work as I get Older?

Dressing Well at Work- At Any Age! My friend and career coach Sandra Green at  www.handbagsintheboardroom.com conducted a recent survey where, among other questions, she asked career women to express their concerns  regarding their image and dress at work.  Some of  her respondents were concerned about ‘how to dress professionally in an age appropriate way […]

Are You a Shopper or an Investor?

Have you ever made the mistake of buying an item of clothing that you never wear or don’t feel good in  because it looked good on the rail, you saw a model wearing it or it was a bargain? We’ve all done this at some point but today, I want to write about two of […]

New You: Colour In Your Life

How many of you suffer from the January and February blues?-  The hardest months in the Northern Hemisphere  to get through- UK,  Netherlands and American readers probably all agree.  Some of my blog readers are from Brazil- hello Brazilian friends- I will never forget my wonderful two years living in your beautiful country! Others are […]

New Year, New You and your Business Casual Wardrobe

Business Casual Dress is the choice of companies and organisations that want their staff to be comfortable at work and still project a professional image. Human Resources departments often have a copy of their dress code, so ask if unsure. You never want to be in a situation I was in whilst teaching in a […]